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Who We Are

Right now, we are witnessing a surge in police violence and criminalization across this city and country— a surge that is intended to silence and subdue those who are organizing, speaking out, and taking action in solidarity with Palestinian liberation. The Toronto Community Justice Fund (TCJF) emerged as a response to this powerful and pivotal moment.

Operating from a place of love, care, mutual assistance and resource sharing, the TCJF aims to mitigate the impacts of this state repression and provide community support to our people.

We resist because we love what is behind us and beside us: our communities, our people, the possibility of another world. We take care of us. We will continue to show up to keep each other safe.

Apply for Support

If you are facing recent or ongoing legal costs stemming from arrest or criminalization due to your solidarity actions or organizing efforts for Palestinian liberation, this fund is for you, and we strongly encourage you to apply for support!

All applications submitted on or before March 31 will be decided upon in April. All applications made after March 31 will be made in June.

Spread the word!

Our dream is to provide support to as many community members affected legally and financially by their organizing efforts to bring justice for Palestine. You can help us reach more people and raise awareness by sharing a post about the TCJF on your socials.

This is how we show up for one another.